Blown away by Rob Biddulph (2014)

Oh dear, I’m stuck again. This week’s haul of picture books from the library are just way too good, I’m getting tongue-tied.

There are so many deliciously distracting things about Blown away, I will attempt a logical path from beginning to end. Oh no! I haven’t even made it past the endpapers and I’ve already stopped thinking about my review and started thinking about penguins, and dandelions.IMG_1115

Here goes… a very funky-looking penguin flies a kite resulting in a rather unexpected outcome. Penguin Blue and several of his friends find themselves tangled in the kite string, launched out to sea and dumped unceremoniously on a jungly island. With some help from its puffiest inhabitants they make it back home safely by boat, albeit with a stowaway on board.

A few of the things I loved in Blown away are:

  • the “penguin train” up in the sky
  • the beautifully contrasting bright green double-page spread of the jungle
  • the gorilla’s polka-dotted y-fronts (both on and off)
  • everything else in the book

The story zooms along, the pace set by nice tight rhyme. This gets the official “must read” rating from me.

Check out Blown away at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Blown away from Fishpond.


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