Where’s my teddy? by Jez Alborough (1992)

where's my teddy

We’re dipping back in time to hang out with one of my favourite ever books to read aloud. It has all the good stuff; great rhyme, big brilliant bold illustrations, and a giant bear cuddling a very tiny teddy bear. Like I said, all the essentials.

Eddy has lost his teddy, Freddy. This tragic situation unfortunately forces Eddy into the dark and horrible wood to hunt for said bear.

Somehow, Eddy’s teddy has grown massively in size and is now too big to fit in Eddy’s bed. Meanwhile, a gigantic bear is stomping through the wood bemoaning the fact that his teddy bear has shrunk to a state of near pointlessness. Through some judicious swapping, and a little yelling, all is made right again with the world.IMG_1114

“My Ted!” gasped the bear.

“A bear!” screamed Eddy.

“A boy!” yelled the bear.

“My teddy!” cried Eddy.

Just all round so very great.

Check out Where’s my teddy at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Where’s my teddy from Fishpond.


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