Don’t worry bear by Greg Foley (2008)

I can’t help scrunching my nose up every time I look at this book, it’s just so impossibly cute.

It is also amazingly efficient. In limited text it tells the charming tale of a wee bear and his friend the caterpillar.

When caterpillar disappears inside a cocoon, Bear worries about everything, the wind, the darkness, the cold. But caterpillar assures him, everything is as it should be. It seems all Bear’s fears have been realised when he stumbles across an empty cocoon on the ground. Then who should arrive but silk moth. Hooray!IMG_1118

I read this lovely story to a preschool audience using a bear, caterpillar and butterfly puppets and a cocoon made from coconut fibre. It was a goose-bumpingly good experience.

Check out Don’t worry bear at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Don’t worry bear from Fishpond.


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