Snow bunny’s Christmas gift by Rebecca Harry (2014)

For antipodeans, Father Christmas is expected to have glowing cheeks and a sweaty brow as he negotiates a fake beard and fur-lined outfit on a hot and sunny day. Christmas dinner often features traditional fare, only it has probably been cooked al fresco on a barbecue. And as crazy as it sounds, we don’t bat an eye at reading snow-laden Christmas-themed picture books on a summer’s day!

Snow Bunny and her friends, Mouse, Fox and Bear head out for some snowy fun times just before Christmas. Snugly wrapped in her little red cape, Snow Bunny is unaffected by the cold, but her friends don’t cope so well. Eventually they all abandon ship, leaving Snow Bunny alone. The discovery of a shiny silver coin in the snow gives her an idea. A red ball of wool and IMG_1172flying knitting needles later result in a hat with a pompom for Mouse, a long woolly scarf for Fox and a waistcoat with a shiny button for Bear.

This is a beautifully illustrated sweet Christmas treat. It would be easy to add an interactive element to the story by creating some red clothing for puppets or stuffed toys. A challenge for the knitting experts out there, perhaps!

Check out Snow Bunny’s Christmas gift at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Snow Bunny’s Christmas gift at Fishpond.


2 thoughts on “Snow bunny’s Christmas gift by Rebecca Harry (2014)

  1. Hi Lucy! Loving your blog – I read it every morning when I get to work and its a lovely way to start my day – thank you! I’m a school librarian and have been reading BJ Novak’s The Book with No Pictures to our classes this week. They LOVE it! Have actually had littlies ROFLing (rolling on the floor laughing)! They clearly love to see me looking utterly foolish! Am looking forward to your review of it sometime in the future 🙂

    • Thank you so much for this recommendation Ruth. I’ve just checked our catalogue and we have six copies and 64 holds on “The book with no pictures!” I am about to put in an order for lots more copies, but my review may be be very much in the future! Looking forward to it…

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