Shh! We have a plan by Chris Haughton (2014)

Around the time I started myfriendlucy, this book was everywhere. Because I’m ridiculously obstreperous (a word I now know I have been using wrongly for a long time, but really like, so will keep doing it) I decided I wouldn’t include Shh! in my blog, pretty much just because everyone else was. I think my logic was along the lines of, they all will have heard about it anyway.

Because, unlike me, the whole world does not spend their days reading book journals and picture book blogs, this is probably not true, and so I have got over myself enough to share this great book with you.IMG_1158

Four be-hatted friends wander through the woods spotting and attempting to trap a very delightfully colourful but tricky bird. With their nets aloft they sneak up quietly (aside from the noisy net-less smallest member of their party – obstreperous?) and pounce. The bird has other ideas and neatly slips away each time. This very simple concept has loads of additional coolness. The illustrations are brilliant, Chris Haughton has loaded the pages with so much facial expression and body language, there is a lot more to read than just the words.

Incredibly clever and funny, this book has something for an audience of all ages.

Check out Shh! We have a plan at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Shh! We have a plan from Fishpond.


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