A is for awesome by Dallas Clayton (2014)

Today’s book is a tricky beast. It treads a fine line between acceptable positive affirmation and excessively cloying cheer.

I can be a pretty tough critic when it comes to nauseating positivity but I think we’re okay. (I also need to remind myself that just because I’m not a huge fan of the rah rah rah, doesn’t mean everybody else has to be so cynical!)

Each letter of the alphabet is introduced with a sentence, surrounded by lots of IMG_1163great images that begin with the featured letter. “Q is for quiet to escape from the madness. R is for reading but also for radness.”

There’s a little inconsistency with the appeal of the phrases, but overall as a read-aloud, it’s fun, bright and has a great rhyme. There is lots of scope for talking about the letters of the alphabet, and if you’re so inclined, encouraging kids to be “confident cool and collected.”

Check out A is for awesome at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy A is for awesome from Fishpond.


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