The chicken of the family by Mary Amato; illustrated by Delphine Durand (2008)

My very good friend Pranita, has a finely tuned appreciation for the ridiculous. When she suggests a book, it’s likely to sit at the wacky end of the spectrum.

I looked forward to the arrival of her recommendation The chicken of the family with huge anticipation. And it is indeed great. Excellent work Pranita.

Henrietta, the youngest of three girls has a not surprisingly challenging relationship with her sisters. Through cunning and older sister stinkiness, they convince her that she is in fact a chicken from Barney’s farm.

The only thing for it, Henrietta decides, is to return to her rightful place with her kind. She has a wonderful time strutting around with the chickens, flapping her wings and saying, “Bawk. Bawk. Bawk.” Until that is, Clare and Kim turn up and insist she return home to save them from major trouble with the parentals. Ha! Mean old sisters, you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that.IMG_1199

I’m sure those of us with older siblings have all been through the “you were adopted” phase. You’ve gotta admire Henrietta’s sisters for their spin on the classic trope.

This book is very hilarious and genius on a lot of levels with beautiful bright illustrations. I can’t wait to try this out on a real live class!

Check out The chicken of the family from Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The chicken of the family from Fishpond.


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