Bear’s big bottom by Steve Smallman; illustrated by Emma Yarlett (2013)

Bottom. It’s just such a great word to say. Please join me in starting today’s review with a rousing round of, “bottoms!” If you enjoyed that, then you’re going to love this bookthere are 14 “bottoms” ready and waiting for you.

Bear is regular sized, except for… you guessed it, his sizable derriere. In general this minor disability hasn’t caused him any issues. But, sadly, on the fateful occasion of Squirrel’s birthday, Bear’s bottom runs amok. It smashes all the presents, empties the pool of water, and finally lands splat in the middle of the birthday cake.

In shame, Bear runs away and attempts to hide his troublesome bum in a tree trunk.

“The friends set off to search for Bear,IMG_1206

They shouted “Bear are you in there?”

But then they got a nasty scare…

Fox tried to bite their bottoms!”

Would you be surprised to discover that Bear and his large bottom, eventually save the day?

I love the rhyme and lyrical nature of this delightful butt-fueled picture book. There’s no denying it, kids love books featuring rear-ends, your audience will love you for this one. The story with its rolling rhyme will capture a big audience, and if you’re reading one-on-one, the detail in the fantastic illustrations will keep you entertained for a long time. Major love for Bear and his glorious bottom!

Check out Bear’s big bottom at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Bear’s big bottom from Fishpond.


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