If you were a dog by Jamie A. Swenson; illustrated by Chris Raschka (2014)

I love a good hyphen. If you’ve read my blog for a while this is probably no great revelation. It’s a pretty rare post that doesn’t get the good ol’ trying-to-be-awesome hyphen treatment.

I take my hat off to Jamie A. Swenson who is a hyphen-master.

“If you were a dog, would you be a speedy-quick, lickety-sloppidy, scavenge-the-garbage, frisbee-catching, hot-dog-stealing, pillow-hogging, best-friend-ever sort of dog?”

How great is this? But it gets better because there are noisy bits paired with each animal description. “Would you howl at the moon? Arrrrrrooooooooo! Some dogs do.” This always makes the reading-aloud aspect even more fun. IMG_1197

In addition to the dog of the title, there are also fish, bugs, birds and dinosaurs.

This great ode to the imagination is accompanied by fabulous bright and crazy illustrations. A perfect book for reading out-loud to a bunch of littlies.

Check out If you were a dog at Auckland Libraries.
Or buy If you were a dog from Fishpond.


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