Donald loves drumming by Nick Bland (2008)

This family of rhinoceroses never fail to crack me up. From Mum in her 80s leopard-print workout gear, to Dad and his passion for topiary, there is so much good stuff in Nick Bland’s fabulous picture book.

In addition, it has my favourite feature, noisiness! Donald loves to drum, but the rest of his family are much less enthusiastic about this passion. “Too loud, Donald!” is yelled quite regularly at their house.IMG_1186

After trying unsuccessfully to find a new hobby, Donald comes up with a great idea that will keep everybody happy. And with a little help from all the members of his family, Donald creates a drum-lover’s paradise.

With great big bold ridiculous illustrations, and not-too-many lovely words, this book is perfect to read to a group of preschoolers. Why not get them to join in with all the clangs, the booms and the gongs!

Check out Donald loves drumming at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Donald loves drumming from Fishpond.


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