Bom! went the bear by Nicki Greenberg (2011)

BOM! went the Bear - Nicki GreenbergHEY HEY HEY EVERYBODY! You got it, we’re being noisy again today with one of my old favourites. The funny thing is I read this book several times at preschool storytimes and I completely missed a vital part of the story.

Bear is having a lovely old time marching along banging on his big bass drum. Animals with instruments join the party to Bear’s horror (this is the bit I was oblivious to). There are rabbits on clarinets and koalas on saxophones.IMG_1122

“Frogs play the xylophone Plank plunk plink

Lizard on the zither with a zink-a-zink-zink”

All round animal musical chaos ensues until finally Bear escapes and once again can march to his own beat. Preschool good times.

Check out Bom! went the bear at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Bom! went the bear from Fishpond.


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