Nancy knows by Cybele Young (2014)

Wow! There is so much to look at in this wonderfully original book. Nancy the elephant has forgotten something very important. She racks (wracks?) her brain trying to remember what it is.

Everything Nancy thinks appears inside her. Hmmm… this is harder to describe than I had anticipated. Gah, words are failing me on this one. Click on the picture below and get back to me.IMG_1204

“She remembers things from long ago. Or two days before tomorrow. Floating-around things, just out of reach. And those that take flight, then land on the beach.”

When Nancy finally grasps that illusive and important thing she had forgotten, the images are beyond funny. Cybele’s paper sculpture creations are amazing. Trust me, I haven’t done it justice, you have to see it for yourselves!

Check out Nancy knows at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Nancy knows from Fishpond.


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