Snow by Sam Usher (2014)

Fresh snow, there’s nothing quite like it. We lived for one winter in Arrowtown where  snow-covered mountains filled every window. The excitement in the air on mornings when snow had fallen overnight was palpable. In spite of it being a hot muggy day here today, as I read Snow I could taste the flakes on my tongue, and feel the crisp air pinching the tip of my nose.

A small impatient boy can’t wait to get out into the snow one winter’s morning, but his Grandad is taking forever to get ready.IMG_1209

“So I shouted, “HURRY UP, GRANDAD!” And he said, “It’s okay, we’re not going to miss the fun.” But we were! I told him all the cats and dogs were out there. Grandad laughed and said the whole zoo was probably out there.”

As if snow wasn’t magical enough on its own, there is a fantastic surprise in store for our slow-moving duo. This story and its illustrations are truly delightful. I love Grandad to bits, from his tea-sipping politeness to his killer aim with a snowball.

A wonderful witty wintry picture book to share with an audience of preschoolers.

Check out Snow at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Snow from Fishpond.


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