Bears on chairs by Shirley Parenteau; illustrated by David Walker (2009)

Is it just me or are there a disproportionate amount of picture books about bears? Let’s blame Theodore Roosevelt and his obscenely cute namesake.

Look at these guys, they’re so awfully adorable, it’s impossible to resist them.

There are four chairs and four bears. Everybody is deliciously happy, until Big Brown Bear crashes the chair party. We all know five into four just does not go.IMG_1212

“The big bear

needs one whole chair.

There’s none to spare

for Big Brown Bear.”

These bears are not just a bunch of pretty faces though, and a clever and amicable solution is reached with room for all five bears.

I always loved reading this book at storytime. The rhyme and repetition is so satisfying, it’s one of those books that is so easy to read, you find yourself getting faster and faster. With simple numbery goodness paired with the cutest bear illustrations you can imagine, wham bam, instant greatness.

Check out Bears on chairs at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Bears on chairs from Fishpond.


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