Horses by Patricia Hubbell; illustrated by Joe Mathieu (2011)

Flannel Friday is a wonderful group of librarians who via various online-methods, share their ideas for storytime sessions. I followed an interesting Flannel Friday facebook discussion recently on picture books about horses and how surprisingly hard it is to find great in-print picture books on this topic. I realised I couldn’t think of a single one, but… Flannel Friday to the rescue!

Horses is the perfect picture book for any horse-fans in your life. With a lovely rhyming text, and wonderful illustrations of horses engaged in all sorts of good-time horsey activities it’s the perfect preschool read-aloud.


“Big horses. Small horses. Stamping-in-the-stall horses.

Whinny! Snort! Nicker! Neigh! Time for breakfast – grain and hay.”

Nice work Flannel Friday. There were lots of other suggestions, although a lot were out of print. My goal is to find enough options to create an entire magnificent equine-filled preschool session. Watch this space.

Check out Horses at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Horses from Fishpond.


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