Shhh! by Sally Grindley; illustrated by Peter Utton (1991)

shhh-Scary-themed storytimes are always a lot of fun, and also a little on the risky side. A book that has some kids holding their breath and leaning towards you, can have another audience of preschoolers snuggling into their parents and closing their eyes. I guess today’s review comes with the warning, “proceed with caution.”

Shhh! We’re about to enter a giant’s castle. If we walk very carefully and quietly through the rooms we won’t disturb the giant. We pass the giant’s cat, his hen and his cook and each time there is a flap to open, hopefully revealing them still hard at work, oblivious to our presence.IMG_1226

Finally, at the giant’s room we walk bravely past, but when it comes to opening the flap and seeing him still asleep… well that’s when it all gets a bit scary.

With the right, brave audience, this book is ridiculously fun to read out-loud.

Check out Shhh! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Shhh! from Fishpond.


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