So cosy by Lerryn Korda (2014)

so cosy

You know that feeling when you get a new and beautiful pair of shoes and you can’t wait to wear them for the first time? And then you wear them, and the pain is beyond unpleasant, and you want to cry and throw them away? Today’s story is very vaguely just like this.

Dog has a warm and snuggly basket all ready for him. The problem with the perfect bed is that everyone wants a piece of the action. Goose waddles in, followed closely by Cat, some rabbits, a family of bears, a goat, a snake and finally an elephant. As you can imagine Dog is less than thrilled about his cosy bed being turned into some kind of giant animal pyramid.

The final straw, so to speak, is when mouse arrives, elephant sneezes and the whole precarious heap of IMG_1216characters go flying. One advantage to this disaster is Dog is finally left alone, albeit with a somewhat less-perfect bed.

“So quiet,” thought Dog.

Patter, patter, patter. Mouse came back. And he snuggled up with Dog in their warm, cosy bed.

“Now this really is cosy!” Mouse said.

“Ever so cosy!” said Dog.”

This lovely book has all the essentials of a great read-aloud for an audience of preschoolers. There are super-cute animals, lovely repetition, flying animals and a hilariously expressive main character.

Check out So cosy at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy So cosy from Fishpond.


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