The magical snow garden by Tracey Corderoy; illustrated by Jane Chapman (2014)

Merry Christmas everybody! I had great plans for the perfect Christmas-themed picture book, but as always with this time of year, I got a little distracted. Today’s magical picture book is full of all the good things in life, and I hope you too are surrounded on this special day by the very best things.

One of my most favourite things is my hot glue gun. I love to make things. Often they are terrible, sometimes they’re a success, but most of the time the process is such fun that the outcome doesn’t really matter.

Wellington, a small penguin decides he wants to create an amazing garden. A lack of seeds and excess of snow makes this something of a challenge. Refusing to be deterred, Wellington fills a large bag full of of biscuit wrappers, buttons, seashells and clock bits, and determines to make the garden instead.IMG_1268

This is the point where I really, really want to be able to lend Wellington a hand (and possibly a glue gun).

The garden is a delight, but overnight, the wind wreaks havoc and not a single petal survives.

With some help from his friends, Wellington makes an even more incredible walled-garden and the whole wide world comes hurrying to see it.

“Wellington!” called Ivor. “You were right! You never know what you can do until you try!”

This is a gorgeously illustrated story with a great message, that would be fabulous to share with a class. I’d say the chances are pretty high that once you’ve finished reading you’ll have to get out your hot glue gun and create your own garden paradise. Do it!

Check out The magical snow garden at Auckland Libraries

Or buy The magical snow garden from Fishpond.


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