Not a box by Antoinette Portis (2006)

In celebration of Boxing Day (Christmas Day’s slightly less well known younger sister) I’m sharing with you the greatest box book I know.

This is a genius celebration of the imagination of small people. From its brown boxy paper cover, to its dedication, “To children sitting in cardboard boxes,” I love it all.IMG_1265

Rabbit has a box. Only it’s so much more than just a box.

“Why are you sitting in a box?”

“It’s not a box.”

Hmmmm… quoting from the book without sharing the accompanying illustrations is less successful than I’d hoped. Describing imagination at work is incredibly hard to do, Antoinette Portis has done an amazing job with almost no words, but with magical illustrations.

Apologies for this highly unsatisfying review. Trust me on this one, it’s a brilliant book, perfect to share with little people. Hey, it’s Boxing Day, you’ve got heaps of time, get hold of a copy for yourselves and see what I’m talking about!

Check out Not a box at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Not a box from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Rebecca – thanks Rebecca]


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