Churchill’s tale of tails by Anca Sandu (2012)

Churchill is one of the finest pigs I’ve seen. And that’s before he goes on a tail rampage!

One morning Churchill wakes up to discover his tail is missing. Initially this is distressing, but then Churchill discovers how exciting new tails are. A peacock tail makes him feel beautiful, and a fish tail, fantastic. He becomes so obsessed with tail experimentation, he has no time for his friends.

While feeling particularly brave, wearing a tiger tail, Churchill bumps into something concerning in a dark alley. It turns out to be a bird with an interesting head IMG_1264adornment, his tail! Reunited with the missing appendage, Churchill realises the error of his ways, gathering together all his friends for a tea party.

“My dear friends,” said Churchill, “I have been a very silly pig, and a very bad friend. Can you ever forgive me?”

Classic! This is very very funny story with gorgeous illustrations. Perfect for sharing with a classroom of kids.

Check out Churchill’s tale of tails at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Churchill’s tale of tails from Fishpond.


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