Troll swap by Leigh Hodgkinson (2013)

I’m rolling with an assumption today, feel free to disagree with me. Here goes… At one time or another, I’m sure that everyone feels like they don’t quite fit in. Too silly? Not silly enough? Too quiet? Too loud? It’s endless.

Timothy Limpet is a troll. But he’s just not very good at troll-things. He’s nice and polite and tidy, which makes him the target of troll-ridicule. On the other side of town lives Tabitha Lumpit, who is equally as bad at being a little kid. She’s loud and loopy and messy.

“Being like most other little boys and girls is almost impossible, thinks Tabitha Lumpit.”

When Tabitha and Timothy meet a life-swap is made. For a while everything is just lovely, but then IMG_1220Tabitha and Timothy, and their families, realise that being like everybody else is actually just a little bit boring.

As a person who at times takes pleasure in being a bit different, I love this book. The resolution is perfect. Timothy and Tabitha return to their old lives, but this time, they inject a little bit of themselves into their worlds.

With glorious illustrations and lovely language, this is an excellent choice for reading to a young school class.

Check out Troll swap at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Troll swap from Fishpond.


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