When Elephant met Giraffe by Paul Gude (2014)

My passion for ridiculousness has up to this point been well documented. So when I say, this book was a total nose-snorter, you’ll have some idea of the general feel of the content.

Featuring three short chapters, we see amazing relationship development in this very great story.

Elephant and Giraffe meet at the waterhole. Elephant is flummoxed by Giraffe’s determined silence, and after some comprehensive research hits on an explanation. “Hey Giraffe, I read somewhere you don’t make much noise,” she said. “So you don’t need to say anything. Let’s just share the water hole and be friends.”IMG_1254

This is one of those books where I really don’t want to say too much. I want you to enjoy the hilarity for yourselves. Giraffe, in all his silent glory is highly expressive and manages to assert himself delightfully with exuberant (and bossy) Elephant.

All round just a whole heap of fun to read out-loud.

Check out When Elephant met Giraffe at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy When Elephant met Giraffe from Fishpond.


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