Keys by Sacha Cotter and Josh Morgan (2014)

Keys sat at the bottom of my to-read pile for quite some time. It came close to being overlooked altogether. I’m so glad I gave it a shot, because it’s such a lovely story.

Our mini protagonist falls asleep each night, long before her father returns home from work. The jingle, jangle, jingle of his keys in the door wake her, and she calls Dad in to tuck her in. In clever small-child delay-technique she asks him about each key on his key-ring. It’s at this point that we all fall in love with Dad.2014-12-29 18.33.19

“That’s the key to my work space rocket. On days when we’re all extra hungry, I go out the back and I put on my silver spacesuit. My keys sing ‘shimmery, shammery, shoodle’ as I start up the rocket and shoot into space.”

Full marks for commitment to great story-telling Dad! Oh and bonus points for use of magnificent language.

A lovely New Zealand picture book celebrating imagination and Dad-daughter relationships.

Check out Keys at Auckland Libraries (and in Maori).

Or buy Keys from Fisphond.


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