Bedtime for tiny mouse by Chae Strathie; illustrated by Sebastien Braun (2014)

My summer holiday is almost over. Feel my sigh emanate from your screen. One of the worst things about heading back to work is re-calibrating the body clock, which for me always ends up several hours behind where it needs to be. This inevitably results in me the night before my return to work lying in bed trying desperately to fall asleep at a reasonable hour, knowing the alarm is not very far away.2014-12-29 18.32.15

Tiny mouse is suffering from a similar affliction. “He twirled… flipped and flopped… snuggled and huggled… but he was still wide awake.”

His family members offer a variety of solutions, some quite novel, including dancing yourself to sleep, (I’ve mentally tucked this one away for tonight, just in case) but nothing works.

Luckily Tiny Mouse has a very wise Grandma who gently manages to extract the fireworks from his feet and the fizz from his head.

A sweet story, with adorable illustrations, just right for a bedtime storytime with preschoolers.

Check out Bedtime for tiny mouse at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Bedtime for tiny mouse from Fishpond.


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