Muddled-up Farm by Mike Dumbleton; illustrated by Jobi Murphy (2013)

It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed the company of any confused animals. Never fear I’ve found another one to add to your mixed-up repertoire.

At Muddled-up Farm the animals mess with convention. There is no miaow-ing for cat, he prefers the more imposing, “moo”. In fact all the animals like to experiment with their noise of choice. This disturbs no-one unduly, until a farm inspector arrives from town and says, “This is all very strange. There is cause for alarm. It can’t be allowed! This is not a proper farm.”

His goal in life becomes the un-muddling of this poor farm. It’s a losing battle and eventually the farm wins.

A great preschool read-aloud with lots of lovely exploding animal noises to keep your audience entertained.

Check out Muddled-up Farm at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Muddled-up Farm from Fishpond.


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