Mr. Tiger goes wild by Peter Brown (2013)

There’s nothing like a tiger in a morning suit to brighten your day.

The world is all just a bit too up-tight and up-right for Mr Tiger, it’s time for him to bust out. “Mr. Tiger became wilder and wilder each day.” His friends are not so keen on the transformation, and the polite suggestion that the wilderness might be the best place for him is greeted with unveiled enthusiasm.IMG_1326

From a dull grey town we are greeted by the glory that is the jungle. Of course the real world is tricky to let go of entirely and Mr. Tiger inspired by loneliness returns home. To his delight it seems that while he’s been gone, the wild bug has bitten his town and everyone is now free to be themselves.

If you’ve ever been in a meeting and wanted to jump up and yell, “Enough talking, let’s dance,” then this book is for you. Too, too good.

Check out Mr. Tiger goes wild at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Mr. Tiger goes wild from Fishpond.


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