Go to sleep, little farm by Mary Lyn Ray; illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal (2014)

Wow. This is a book to read slowly, to allow yourself and your audience time to luxuriate in the wonderful language and imagery.

“Now little fish lie still in a brook. Somewhere a story goes to sleep in a book.”

With an original slant on a well-known theme, I loved this highly poetic picture book a lot. It is a delight to read and is paired with very excellent illustrations.IMG_1357

If you’re current internally scoffing, “Ha! Kids going to sleep, peaceful?” then I have an alternative for you. Strictly adults-only, this book sits in the controversial but hilarious basket, Go the f**k to sleepDescribed as “a bedtime book for adults who live in the real world.”

Take your pick!

Check out Go to sleep, little farm at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Go to sleep, little farm from Fishpond.


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