Stop snoring, Bernard! by Zachariah O’Hora (2011)

I once woke, many years ago, in a hostel room in England, my bleary eyes eventually focusing on a furious woman who was hissing at me. “You’ve snored all night,” she said, “I didn’t sleep at all!”

I’ve been a bit sensitive about the subject of snoring ever since, but when you pair it with one of the cutest animals in the world, the otter, it makes it all okay.

Bernard loves his life at the zoo, everything about it, including naptime. But one afternoon, Grumpy Giles refuses to put up with Bernard’s snoring any longer, “Snore somewhere else, Bernard!” he said.” I have so much sympathy for Bernard right now.IMG_1348

In every place Bernard tries to nap, there is a decided lack of appreciation for his somnolent-symphony. Luckily for Bernard, his otter friends realise the error of their ways, and happiness (and sleeping) is restored.

Check out Stop snoring, Bernard! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Stop snoring, Bernard! from Fishpond.


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