Catch that rat! by Caryl Hart; illustrated by Tom McLaughlin (2013)

The category “rollicking” probably needs to be added to my list. You know, the sort of book that once you’ve started reading, the momentum carries you all the way to the end, where you can finally catch your breath.

“I went out this morning and what did I see?

A white-whiskered rat, looking straight back at me.IMG_1352

With scratchy pink claws and a pointy pink nose, it was dressed in some raggedy baggy old clothes.

Then, suddenly, SQUEAK! It jumped over my toes! QUICK! CATCH THAT RAT!”

See what I mean? Our cheeky wee rat creates chasing chaos as everyone tries to help snaffle him. I particularly enjoyed the extra-terrestrial component of the story. Possibly luckily for the rat, he ends up showered in love, renamed “Pinkie” and dressed in hand-knitted little pink clothes!

A high-speed beautifully illustrated missile of fun.

Check out Catch that rat! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Catch that rat! from Fishpond.


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