The first hippo on the moon by David Walliams; illustrated by Tony Ross (2014)

sheilaHigh fives all round team. Six months is officially done and dusted, only six more to go! Thanks for hanging out with me during the first half of this crazy ol’ challenge. I wish it was feasible to give you all a giant piece of cake, but a celebratory book review will have to do instead.

David Walliams is something of a legend. Having starred in Little Britain, he has turned his hand to writing mostly fiction for kids. I’ve heard him compared to Roald Dahl more than once and looked forward to my first sampling of picture-book-David-Walliams a lot.

Hercules Waldorf-Franklin III is a rich hippo with a plan; to be the first hippo on the moon. Simultaneously2015-01-25 16.36.00 Sheila, the not-so-well-funded hippo hits upon the exact same scheme. The two hippos go about their dream-fulfillment in very different ways.

Sheila’s dung-fuelled rocket has a few mishaps but eventually “Dream Big” blasts into outer space, hot on the heels of Hercules and his flashy ship.

“To her astonishment Sheila had landed on top of the other hippopotamus, just as he was taking his very first hippo-po-step on the moon’s surface.”

You will have to get your hands on a copy of this great book to find out who emerges hilariously as the victor! Tony Ross is a master illustrator, and so many of the details crack me up, from flying sandwiches to Sheila’s choice of outfit for her space adventure.

Okay so I’m not exactly the first hippo on the moon, but I feel like Sheila and I would definitely be buddies. As soon as I saw the name of her rocket I knew this was the perfect book with which to celebrate today’s happy-making halfway mark.

Check out The first hippo on the moon at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The first hippo on the moon from Fishpond.


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