Up, up, up! by Susan Reed; illustrated by Rachel Oldfield (2011)

Whenever I talk about singable books I know that some of you respond by blocking your ears and closing your eyes until it’s all over. I’ve worked with enough singing-phobic types to know it’s not for everyone.

Because I’m very nice, I have found an absolute gem, suitable for you all. At its core we have a beautifully illustrated story featuring a balloon-ful of diverse characters floating high above the world. We travel over rivers and mountains, forests and the desert. “Up, up, up, up in a balloon. Up so high I can touch the moon. Up, up, up, sailing with the clouds. Look at me! I’m so high, I can fly, I know how.” As a read-aloud, it’s lovely. But the accompanying CD, well that’s where things crank into overdrive.IMG_1353

The super catchy song is available on the CD complete with a singer, or if you prefer to take the microphone, there is also an instrumental version. And for the experts, the music and chords are in the back for you to play yourself! Blow the words up huge and you’re in for a singalong of epic proportions.

Both the song and the story are gorgeous, the perfect starting point for a musical storytime of greatness.

Check out Up, up, up! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Up, up, up! from Fishpond.


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