Alligator in an anorak by Daron Parton (2014)

It’s time to get your alphabets on people. In today’s pick there are far too many great animals in equally fabulous things for me to even know where to begin. Let’s start with the basics.

Each letter of the alphabet features (represented below by “X”), following the mathematical equation X(animal) + “IN” = X(location). I may need to polish up on my algebra before I’m let loose in front of a classroom of kids!

There are some superb combinations within this strict formula. My favourites being:

  • “Hippo in a helicopter”IMG_1374
  • “Panda in a paper hat”
  • “Urchin in undies”
  • “Whale in a wigwam”

Overflowing with scrummy orginal words and the very best illustrations, this is a great starting point for alphabet exploration with small people.

Check out Alligator in an anorak at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Alligator in an anorak from Fishpond.


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