Outer space bedtime race by Rob Sanders; illustrated by Brian Won (2015)

outer spaceFinding fun-to-read space picture books is a weirdly tricky task. Enter Rob Sanders, “a writer who teaches and a teacher who writes” with this lovely offering.

On earth two small boys hit the hay, tucking themselves in their comfy beds. All across space it’s bedtime for small aliens. Planet by planet we join multi-hued (and multi-limbed) creatures slip quietly into the land of nod.IMG_1390

“To fall asleep on Jupiter, the kids count moons till their eyes blur. They use twelve fingers and six toes, till finally they start to doze.”

All sorts of planetary-type facts are slipped into this delightfully rhyming tale. And for the experts there are a couple of pages of planet facts in the back.

This picture book is simultaneously great to read, and educational. No mean feat! Two thumbs up (or maybe four thumbs if you’re from Jupiter) all round.

Check out Outer space bedtime race at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Outer space bedtime race from Fishpond.


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