Daft bat by Jeanne Willis; illustrated by Tony Ross (2006)

daft batLooking at life from another person’s perspective is not always an easy thing to do. Just read the comments section of any online news story and you’ll see what I mean. (Actually no, really don’t do that, it’s pretty much guaranteed to make you want to curl up in bed with a large bar of chocolate and never talk to anyone ever again).

A bunch of young wild animals meet a bat, who they decide is crazy when she starts saying things like “I’d like an umbrella to keep my IMG_1394feet dry, please”. Looking at things differently, according to these guys, is in indication of insanity (uh oh!).

Wise old owl decides to resolve the situation by asking bat a series of questions. Bat’s answers continue to bemuse the young animals, until finally owl asks, “Have you ever tried looking at things from Bat’s point of view?”

With some nifty book flipping, it’s revelations and understanding all round. A great reminder that hanging upside-down from a branch every so often makes you a nicer person.

Check out Daft bat at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Daft bat from Fishpond.


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