The clockwork dragon by Jonathan Emmett; illustrated by Elys Dolan (2015)

[Welcome to my week of Sophisticated Picture Books]

clockworkMakerspaces have been popping up in libraries over the past few years. It’s an awesome concept and as I’m no expert, I’ll let Auckland Libraries explain for me…The hero of today’s story, Max, and his creative solution to a dragon problem feels like the ultimate in “makerspacery!”

Flamethrottle, the ferocious man-eating dragon has been terrorising Cranktown for years. After losing his job with the Toymaker, Max discovers the only current vacancy is ridding the Kingdom of this “dragony” menace. So Max and Lizzie (the girl working in the armoury) get to work on creating a bigger, scarier dragon out of the discarded weapons and armour left over from previous brave knights’ dragon-ovethrow-attempts. IMG_1388They heat and hammer, paint, patch and piece together.

Their creation is magnificent and the ensuing battle between dragon and machine is a thing of great tactical genius.

Technology” is a key subject in primary schools and this book is the perfect introduction to the concept of designing a solution to a problem. Fantastic for so many reasons.

Check out The clockwork dragon at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy The clockwork dragon from Fishpond.


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