Yes we can! by Sam McBratney; illustrated by Charles Fuge (2006, 2007)

[Published by Puffin]

yes we canI have a new theory which you’re welcome to put to the test… there is a picture book for every situation. Feel free to throw some challenging suggestions my way and let’s see if I’m right.

I was on the hunt for a picture book that could be used to help teach kids about respecting each other, and I came up trumps with the delicious, Yes we can!

Little Roo, Country Mouse and Quacker Duck are building a lovely old pile of leaves when they stop for a break. Little Roo challenges Quacker Duck to jump a big log, a task at which Quacker Duck fails IMG_1385spectacularly. And so begins the impossible challenge game which results in plenty of mean laughing at each other and general grumpiness all round. Wise Mrs Roo arrives on the scene and very sensibly announces, “I’m not surprised the three of you look so grumpy,” she said. “Nobody likes to be laughed at!”

Our three adorable friends discover that the most fun is had when you’re encouraging each other. A great message delivered in a super cute package.

Check out Yes we can! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Yes we can! from Fishpond.


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