Maude: the not so noticeable Shrimpton by Lauren Child; illustrated by Trisha Krauss (2012)

[Published by Puffin]

maudeMaude suffers from a tragic syndrome. You know when you stand at a bar waiting to order a drink and everyone around you is served and you’re still standing there? That’s pretty much her whole life. There’s probably a German word for it, something like a nein-getranker (this is a fairly obscure reference to the fact that I recently discovered a German word for someone who likes to park in the shade, “schattenparker”).

Lauren Child’s Clarice Bean and Lola books are brilliant. It was a treat to discover a distinctly different Child creation.

The Shrimptons are all annoyingly fabulous. Mrs Shrimpton wears flamboyant hats and Mr Shrimpton has a moustache so long and twirly butterflies like to perch on it! Their children are all equally spectacular, with their main IMG_1392goal in life, being noticed. Maude however seems destined to merge, to fade, to blend.

The birthday gift of a tiger, make that a hungry tiger, results in this wonderful moral, “Sometimes, just sometimes, not being noticeable is the very best talent of all.” Genius!

Check out Maude at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Maude from Fishpond.


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