Thelma the unicorn by Aaron Blabey (2015)

[Published by Scholastic Australia]

thelma-the-unicornMy husband John has developed quite the eye for a winning picture book. I recently handed him Thelma the unicorn and was delighted by his response, “That one’s going straight to the pool room isn’t it?” (If this reference means nothing to you, then might I recommend this great Australian movie). And indeed it was, straight to the top of my reviewing pile.

Thelma is a fairly ordinary horse with a big dream, to be a unicorn. In spite of reassurances by her friend Otis that she is just perfect, Thelma decides to take matters into her own hands.

Her metamorphosis into a pink sparkly unicorn is quite delightful. Having strapped a carrot to her nose, she causes a truck to crash as it drives by, “Good grief! Is that a unicorn?!”. In most auspicious circumstances, the truck is filled with pink paint and glitter, and so Thelma the Unicorn is born.

It turns out that screaming fans are a lot less fun than Thelma had imagined. “Please don’t chase me anymore,” she asked the screaming crowd. “We’ll chase you all we want, they said. “We’re fans, so it’s allowed!” After a particularly unpleasant day complete with egg incident, Thelma returns paddock-side, where she learns a valuable life lesson, it’s not so bad being yourself.2015-02-21 12.23.15

This is a hugely entertaining story complete with sparkly illustrations and sparky rhyme. I particularly love the haters with their aggressive placards, “Unicorns are dumb.” All round entertaining.

Check out Thelma the unicorn at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Thelma the unicorn from Fishpond.


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