Little Hoiho by Stephanie Thatcher (2015)

[Published by Scholastic New Zealand]

I have crazy hair. On some days I would describe it as impossible, on others wild. I watch with envy anyone who casually runs a comb through their silky tresses for a quick hairdo tidy (I’ve been known to snap the odd hairbrush handle). But for the most part, my hair and I have a pretty good time. To Little Hoiho I say, “I hear ya sister!”

When Little Hoiho ventures from her nest for the first time, it’s a revelation to discover there is a big wide world of varied bird-body-parts out there. Kotuku with her lovely long legs makes Little Hoiho sharply aware of her decided lack of elegance. Toroa’s wide soaring wings put Little Hoiho’s teeny tiny ones to shame. And Tui’s beautiful song, well let’s just say a penguin is never going to win X-Factor.

An unexpected dip into the water reveals the greatest difference of all as Little Hoiho’s magical powers are revealed. She can dip and turn, spin and twist with the 2015-02-21 12.26.14ultimate grace. “When Little Hoiho returned to the nest, she was happy. It was true that she had short legs, flat feet, a chubby tummy and little wings… and she was perfect just the way she was.”

From adorable New Zealand-flavoured illustrations, to an important message about body image, Little Hoiho is the perfect bundle of lovely for an audience of little people.

Check out Little Hoiho at Auckland Libraries and in Maori.

Or buy Little Hoiho from Wheelers and in Maori.


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