Cuddly Dudley by Jez Alborough (1993, 2007)

[Published by Walker Books]

cuddly_dudleyWe’re celebrating, please join me everyone in a giant worldwide hug of greatness. 10 years ago today I was lucky enough to become Mrs-ified, by marrying a truly amazing man. One of my greatest pleasures of the past ten years has been the post-work hug. On that note, let me introduce… Cuddly Dudley.

Dudley is so unbearable cuddly, everyone he meets finds themselves lured into a giant squeeze of his huggable bits. “Whenever his brothers and sisters found him on his own they just couldn’t resist having a huddle and a waddle and a cuddle with him.” Dudley just wants to be left alone and finally he cracks, waddling for many miles to escape all that irritating affection. Things don’t exactly work out as planned, and because the IMG_1414author is the comic genius Jez Alborough, I can guarantee a whole lot of giggles.

Enough hugging, it’s time for the champagne!

Check out Cuddly Dudley at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Cuddly Dudley from Fishpond.


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