Spells by Emily Gravett (2008)

[Published by Macmillan Children’s Books]



It’s the clever details that make Emily Gravett’s picture books so special. Or should I say, Emily Gribbit (see title page).

A small green frog finds a book. Bored by its contents he wishes instead of an old book of spells that it was a book about castles, princesses and pirates. When Frog stumbles upon a “Spell to become a Handsome Prince” however, he finds himself on the inspired-side.

“Spell to become aIMG_1399

Handsome Prince

Into the cauldron these words cast

Hocus Croakus


Stir three times and out spells… F – abbit”

There are unlimited crazy combinations from the nifty split pages, ranging from  a Sn-ird to a B-rog. Finally if you hiff “Bim Bam, Barebum and Alakamince” into the cauldron, you will end up with a… Prince. Sadly, a kiss from a princess doesn’t result in the desired prince-permanence. Be sure to check out the endpapers for an explanation. Oh and don’t miss the Prince’s bum tattoo. Hilarious!

Check out Spells from Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Spells from Fishpond.


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