How many legs? by Kes Gray; illustrated by Jim Field (2015)

[Published by Hodder Children’s Books]

One of my favourite books of last year was the hilarious Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field. I opened How many legs? with that tricky old combination of anticipation tinged with trepidation, hoping their latest offering would be equally great. Phew, it’s okay team, you can stop holding your breath, we have another winner!

In a room ready for a party stands a small boy. He poses the question, “How many legs would there be if in this room there was only me?” That’s the easy part, from that point onwards my mental calculator started to fry, “What would all the legs come to if a frog hopped in on a kangaroo?” It was the insects that did me in, “Why would the number stay the same if a slug, a snail and a maggot came? How would the number multiply if a centipede came wiggling by?”

Luckily the book finishes with a leg summary and the answer for anyone else who finds themselves drowning in feet. Your audience will love this brilliant rhyming tale complete with bright fun illustrations and the added bonus of an extreme mental challenge. Enjoy.

Check out How many legs? at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy How many legs? from Fishpond.


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