Tin by Chris Judge (2014)

[Published by Andersen Press]

tin okHave you ever seen such a delightfully perky robot? Tin has the responsible job of looking after his younger sister Nickel. Everything is going swimmingly until, well it all turns a bit floatingly, as Nickel, clinging firmly onto the string of a balloon disappears high up in the sky.

In hot pursuit, Tin and his dog Zinc chase Nickel to the big city, up the helter skelter and finally back down to earth where the lucky arrival of a parade provides a safe landing zone. “Tin and Zinc landed with a BUMP on the back of a large, grey elephant. While Nickel landed safely on the back of a long-necked giraffe. But then all of the animals turned and marched into the Safari park!”IMG_1502

It’s safe to say that Nickel is likely to be responsible for Tin’s first grey hair! Jam-packed with bright detailed illustrations and lots of lovely adverbs and adjectives, this is a gorgeous book for reading out-loud to an audience big or small.

Check out Tin at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Tin from Fishpond.


2 thoughts on “Tin by Chris Judge (2014)

  1. I have been reading Tin to my 3 1/2 year old. He loves the studying the busy illustrations especially the city scene and the safari park scene where he looks for the ranger (who he was a bit scared of at first). He enjoys the “Oh, oh” ending. 🙂

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