Just Itzy by Lana Krumwiede; illustrated by Greg Pizzoli (2015)

[Published by Candlewick Press]

There’s nothing worse than a childish nickname you can’t shake. Itzy Bitzy is off to spindergarten and he’s determined to own the name Itzy with no Bitzys in sight. It’s not going to be easy, “Only spiderlings bring lunch boxes,” said his big brother, Gutzy. “If you want to be a big spider, you have to catch your own lunch.”

During his lunch-catching endeavours, Itzy stumbles across a girl on a tuffet, gets swallowed by an old lady, along with a fly and 2015-02-21 12.27.03various other creatures, and finally gets washed down a waterspout. When he comes to the rescue of his older brother Gutzy who is stuck on the roof of a house, he finally earns his spider stripes (hmmm… I might be getting my insects confused here!)

The nursery rhyme characters are a lovely feature of this lively story. With brilliant bright illustrations, and clever spidery words like “flyball” and “peanut butter and honeybee” your audience will be entranced.

Check out Just Itzy at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Just Itzy from Fishpond.


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