You can do it, Bert! by Ole Konnecke (2014)

[Published by Gecko Press]


Today’s review went a little something like this:

Review to write + avoiding assignment = ridiculously long self-indulgent myfriendlucy review. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the full 1500 word mentally-composed version (which included the word pedagogy – sheesh what was I thinking?) and send you straight to the executive summary instead.

I’m a huge fan of trying new things and love a good challenge (well until the assignments are due) which is why I love Bert. Bert the orange bird, is poised and ready to take a leap of faith into the big blue sky, jumping off his branch for the very first time.

“Bert is well prepared mentally and physically. Bert checks everything one more time.” On one side of the page we have Bert dallying with the edge of his branch, and on the other we have a cloud, the words, and whole lot of inviting empty space. After several false starts he gathers up all his courage and makes a mad dash for the end of the branch, where he closes his eyes and plummets straight towards the earth with a concerned, “Help.”20150308_124937

What’s so hilarious, is that as Bert crashes into the water with a satisfying “Splash” his friends all cheer, “I always knew he’d do it.” “Me too.” “You can count on Bert.” And off they fly back up to the waiting branch, all set for another exhilarating dive.

There are many delightful clever features of this perfect wee story. It lends itself to all sorts of wonderful classroom discussion, and the unexpected ending is so very very funny.

All right, back to my assignment. “You can do it, Lucy!” (Hmmm, now I feel like a swim…)

Check out You can do it, Bert! at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy You can do it, Bert! from Fishpond.


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