Those pesky rabbits by Ciara Flood (2015)

[Published by Scholastic Australia]

rabbitsBear really is to be admired for his commitment to solitude. The following signs grace his home, “Keep out!” “I mean it!” “Do NOT ring” and the unequivocal doormat message, “GO AWAY.”

Unfortunately for Bear, his new rabbity neighbours are seemingly oblivious to all these visual hints. First they want to borrow some honey, and then they need help chopping firewood. Can you believe they suggest swapping books and finally invite Bear to watch shooting stars with them? The gall of those pesky rabbits!

Understandably, it’s too much, “No! No! No!” Bear roared. “What I want is to be left alone!” Bear’s wish is granted until the day he hears a gentle knock at the door. Waiting for him is a basket containing a cake, some wood, a book and a grumpy-old-bear-heart-meltable note.


Ahhhh, clever old rabbits, the old kill ’em with kindness technique, well played! Aside from this being a truly warm-glowy story, there are plenty of additional delights. Other things I love:

  • Bear’s obliviousness to his sneaky and tiny house guest
  • The range of perspectives, from extreme close-ups, to Bear-nostril-gazing by the rabbits
  • Bear’s reading glasses and excellent knitwear
  • The final illustration bringing all the blues and golds together in a perfect bundle of friendship

Check out Those pesky rabbits at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Those pesky rabbits from Fishpond.


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