Take away the A by Michael Escoffier; illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo (2014)

[Published by Enchanted Lion Books]


If you love some nifty word play then have I got the book for you. So simple, so clever.

Each page features a letter of the alphabet and a pair of words from which the featured letter is removed from the second word. Yuck, I’ve just turned something so sleek into a clunky mess. Ignore me, I will instead let the genius of the book speak for itself:

“Without the G the GLOVE falls in LOVE.”

“Without the I STAIRS lead to the STARS.”

“Without the M the FARM is too FAR.”

“Without the P the PLATE is too LATE.”

The matching illustrations are where the delightful-metre ramps up. The plate for example is IMG_1518being carried by a mouse who is rushing a delicious-looking dinner to a hungry cat. Well the cat would look hungry except there’s a fairly distinct mouse tail dangling from his mouth.

The cast of animals, from a turban-wearing tiger to a taxi-hailing pig are wonderful. My compliments to both illustrator and author!

This superb creation would be a great starting point for all sorts of creative classroom activities.

Check out Without the A at Auckland Libraries

Or buy Without the A from Fishpond.

[Recommended by Corrine – thanks Corrine!]


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