Shark in the park! by Nick Sharratt (2000)

[Published by Random House]

sharkIf you ever find yourself at an event where children’s librarians have been invited to bring along their favourite picture books, I can guarantee there will be at least one copy of Shark in the park.

And for good reason as it has everything you need:

  • brilliant bright Nick Sharratt illustrations
  • bundles of rhyme
  • opportunities to yell, “THERE’S A SHARK IN THE PARK!’
  • visual surprises
  • actions that beg to be joined in with

Timothy Pope is at the park trying out his brand new telescope. “He looks at the sky. He looks at the ground. He looks left and right. He looks all around.” (Invite your audience to join you in telescope peering). Behind a circular cut-out IMG_1520is what looks most definitely like a shark. Three times we peep, we turn the page, and oh do we laugh!

Nick Sharratt at his reliable greatest.

Check out Shark in the park at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Shark in the park from Fishpond.


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