Can you make a scary face? by Jan Thomas (2009)

[Published by Beach Lane Books]

scaryToday’s review is brought to you by the word “gurning”. If you’re up for a distraction, search for this delightful wee term in google images. Actually, disturbing might be a more appropriate description than delightful.

If you’re prepared to expose yourself to faces like these then Can you make a scary face is an excellent place to start.

Narrated by a bossy ladybird our audience is issued a series of instructions. These include such gems as, “Pretend you have a tiny bug on your nose. Wiggle it off.” “Hmm… it tickles? Wiggle your nose and laugh!”

We build to a grand crescendo of face pulling. If you’ve ever asked a kid to make a IMG_1516
silly face you’ll understand that a whole roomful of scary faces could be a horrifying experience. Be prepared!

How could your audience not love this?

Check out Can you make a scary face at Auckland Libraries.

Or buy Can you make a scary face from Fishpond.


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