In my heart: A book of feelings by Jo Witek; illustrated by Christine Roussey (2015)

[Published by Abrams Appleseed]

in my heartIf you’ve done any sort of learning-to-meditate type courses, the idea of listening to your heart is probably something you know all about. For everyone else, you’re probably currently scratching your heads. Feel free to check this out, it’s a pretty amazing exercise to try, who knew hearts could be so chatty?

Clearly today’s author has had some great heart-to-hearts with her… um… heart.

“My heart is full of feelings. Big feelings and small feelings. Loud feelings and quiet feelings. Quick feelings and slow feelings. My heart is like a house, with all these feelings living IMG_1506inside.”

On each beautiful page our expressive wee narrator describes a different heart-state, sometimes hopeful, at others afraid. Her heart can be mad, calm or broken. It’s not just the sentiments that are touching, the book itself is a work of joy. Each page features a heart cut-out on the left, and layered coloured hearts on the right. The illustrations are a delight, and make the most of this clever design feature.

In my heart does all sorts of great things for my heart. Talking about feelings can be so difficult both for children and adults. I’d say this book is a pretty great place to start.

Check out In my heart from Auckland Libraries.

Or buy In my heart from Fishpond.


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